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Free of...

As we know the cosmetics industry, it is one of the industries that most generate long-term toxic for our body, nail polish is not far behind, today there are several formulas to remove these toxins and in the world of varnishes it is called FREE.

What does FREE mean? FREE means free of...

Toxic that damage our nails and our hands. There are different categories of FREE, since it depends on how many toxins you are free of.

In our case, Loli is positioned as the highest in FREE, since we are in 8 FREE, which means that we are free of the 8 most toxic elements that are used in the preparation of nail varnishes, which are:

  • Toluene formaldehyde free
  • DBP free
  • Free of formaldehyde and aclanfor, paraben and xylene resins.

Loli is the brand that cares about you, looking for its products to have excellent durability, quick drying and good coverage!

We invite you to know our different tones, and let Loli consent.

Who is Loli?

It's a pleasure you want to hear from us...

Loli is a new brand 100% Mexican nail polish. It aims to develop new colors that are at the forefront and create a varnish of very good quality, duration and free of toxic products, so today we position ourselves as an 8 FREE nail varnish.

We have different types of varnishes such as:

  • Pearl Varnishes
  • Metallic Varnishes
  • Cracketed Varnishes
  • Varnishes with Glitter

Loli is not only a brand of varnishes, but it is a completely glamorous lifestyle with a lot of style and the best thing is that it is free of the toxins that contain the rest of the nail polishes.

What are we looking for?

Loli is a companion, who gives strength and power to your style, with the advantage that YOU are the one who chooses the tones that go with you.

Loli we are all, we want women to generate experiences of satisfaction, perfection, security, glamor, fashion, beauty and the most important thing is that they enjoy it.

We invite you to share your Loli experience, in the section below!


In case the product does not arrive on the estimated date, contact us on the phone or through one of our social networks and you will be given personalized attention.

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In our social networks we will be announcing online courses on how to apply varnish and new trends in the market in relation to nails.


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